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Fiber lasers

Laser Engraving & Marking Machine

lt can be widely used in marking, precision machining, graphic engraving, etc.

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After-sales service plan

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    Warranty policy

    We provide a clear and detailed warranty policy, including the 300-day warranty period, coverage, conditions and any possible exclusions.
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    Customer service team

    We have a professional customer service team that provides round-the-clock service and provides multiple contact methods, such as phone, email and online chat.
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    Remote technical support

    Provide remote technical support services to assist customers in solving equipment usage problems through remote access or video conferencing, reducing maintenance time and customer downtime.
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    Maintenance services

    Establish a professional maintenance team that can handle equipment failure repairs in a timely and efficient manner and provide rapid replacement services.
Product Exhibition

Showcasing its latest laser printing equipment, technologies and solutions.

Show visitors the performance, functionality and uses of the equipment through product demonstrations.

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Customer Service

Understand customer needs and provide personalized solutions

Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

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Product Factory

Manufacturing and production centers to ensure product quality and delivery

Implement strict quality control standards, high-quality raw materials,

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